Month: June 2013

  • Report 7/1/13

    Report 7/1/13

    It has been been damn fine fishing since our last report. The entire Henry’s Fork drainage continues to provide outstanding angling opportunities. The river is in fantastic shape and our weather just continues to improve. Here’s a quick report of what to expect over the next week to 10…

  • Hokahe’ – A Good Day to Die

    To the American Indian, a good death is as important as a good life. For the Lakota, Hokahe’ was a rallying cry for warriors preparing for battle. "It is a good day to die” is the literal translation, but in a broader society, it means I am not afraid. Bob Evans was not Indian but…

  • Report 6/22/13

    Report 6/22/13

    "Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued” ~Socrates Oh, and what a good life it is right now in Henry’s Fork country. Opening day on the Railroad Ranch was met with blue skies, oodles of bugs and smiling anglers for as far the eye could see. All the old faces were in…

  • Report 6/12/13

    Report 6/12/13

    The fishing up around these parts has been nothing less than fantastic the past few weeks. The unseasonably warm weather has really pushed the bug movement into high gear…..and the Trout haven taken notice. For the most part, all throughout the system, the Salmonflies have finished their…

  • Dividends


    Like anyone with more than a casual interest in the Henry’s Fork, I watch for any clue that can help to reveal the health of its fishery. Weather and stream flow combined with observations from time spent on the water can contribute to a sense of the condition of the trout population….

  • Sgamma Montana

    Sgamma Montana

    Opening weekend in Montana is always the 3rd Saturday in May, usually a time of high and muddy water throughout the region. The family and I were opening up the cabin on Henrys Lake and getting excited and ready for another guide season at TroutHunter. Our time together becomes a premium…