Month: July 2015

  • A Tough Time

    A Tough Time

    It is June 20, 2015 and there is joy in the community of Last Chance, Idaho. At the access on the north boundary of Harriman Ranch dozens of vehicles fill the large parking area before the giant, white tent that appears at this location each year at this time. They belong to a large gathering…

  • Report 7/20/15

    Report 7/20/15

    There will be an increase in flows from Island Park reservoir to approx. 1,800 – 2,000cfs beginning the morning of July 21st, for approx. 48 hours. After the flush to test the turbines at the newly erected power plant at Chester Dam, the flows will then be lowered to a level of approx….

  • Five Degrees of Excellence (A Perfect Day)

    Five Degrees of Excellence (A Perfect Day)

    Because I enjoy fishing more than most other things in life, there is seldom reason to complain about any day spent on the water. Realistically, however, the five ingredients I consider necessary for perfect fishing seldom all occur in the same day. This is why a day spent on the lower Fork just a…

  • Report 7/1/15

    Report 7/1/15

    I frankly don’t make much of a living, but I make a hell of a life" ~ Jack Gartside And what a life it is, and what a wonderful place to spend it. From 120 million gallons a day bubbling up through the ground at Big Springs, to the awesome 115’ drop as it plunges…