Report 7/20/15

There will be an increase in flows from Island Park reservoir to approx. 1,800 – 2,000cfs beginning the morning of July 21st, for approx. 48 hours. After the flush to test the turbines at the newly erected power plant at Chester Dam, the flows will then be lowered to a level of approx. 950cfs

BOX CANYON: 1200cfs. Try double nymph rigs with a rubber leg up top followed by a bead head zebra midge, pheasant tail or caddis pupa imitation. Throw golden stone flies around middle river structure. Strip streamers or hang them under an indicator for a shot at larger trout.

LAST CHANCE AND HARRIMAN RANCH: The trout fishing has been tough lately and probably won’t improve until after the 2 day bump in flows (see above). Try PMD, flav, grey drake and trico life cycle patterns. Prospect in likely holding water with an ant or beetle pattern. Hoppers will start to work over the next few weeks.

WARM RIVER TO ASHTON: A more reliable option currently. Trout are being hooked on a plethora of smaller bead head nymphs behind a larger rubber leg stonefly imitation. You can also get action on hoppers, ants, beetles, cicadas and attractor style dry flies. Throw a large streamer for a shot at bigger trout.

LOWER RIVER: Warm water temps are making for some tough fishing down low. Try cloudy and cooler days and present streamer patterns around bank side structure. Trout will respond to hoppers patterns as well. Still a few spinners around in the mornings and evenings.

HENRY’S LAKE: Focus your angling efforts around the creek mouths and deeper water. Fool the trout with wooly buggers, leeches and still water chironomid patterns and renegades.

HEBGEN LAKE: Callibaetis emergers, duns and spinners are bringing good trout up for a look. In addition, have a strong selection of tricos, caddis, ants beetles and pheasant tail nymphs. 

MADISON RIVER: Try golden stoneflies, caddis, PMD’s and terrestrial patterns for top water presentations. Under the surface, try stonefly nymphs and bead headed midge, mayfly and caddis fly life cycle patterns. Throw a streamer if you want to catch a big fish.

YNP: The North East corner is fishing well. Hoppers, ants and beetles will all get attention from the trout. Also watch for grey drakes, PMD’s and caddis to be hatching.