Any chance I get to get out on the river with one of the guys I try to take advantage of. Pat and I both have a wife and two children at home, and a very busy guide season. So for us to get together for a full day of fishing is very rare. To give you an idea of how rare it is, this would only be the second time I’ve got to share a boat with Pat. In all the years I’ve known and worked with him. 

I think it’s safe to say that Pat and I both wanted to fish streamers. We both showed up with some streamers hot of the vice. However, with temperatures hovering right around 70 and not a cloud in the sky. It wasn’t ideal conditions for a day of streamer fishing. This time of year the rainbows are finishing up with the spawn, and afterwards are looking to replenish the lost calories. One of the top menu items this time of year are colossal salmonfly nymphs the size of a small dog. 

Even though we took my boat, Pat jumped right on the oars. Despite me deferring the bow to him. It wasn’t long before Pat put me onto some fish. After landing a nice fish I gladly switched places with Pat. Pat didn’t waste any time before hooking into some really nice fish, one of which was a very impressive rainbow that was able to spit the hook before finding the net. We took turns rowing and fishing all day, and caught some really nice fish.We had great fishing that day, and whenever one of us would hook up, the excitement was mutual. When you’re fishing with good friends that’s just how it goes. We gave each other a hard time all day and shared many laughs.

Well, about 5 o’clock our wives and children beckoned. With that ended a successful day on the water. It might come as a surprise to some, but what I miss most in the off-season isn’t the fishing. It’s all the people that make this place so special. It’s the morning camaraderie between all the guides, shop staff, Rich, and Jon. I’m looking forward to another great season and seeing good friends that will come from all over. Guide season is just around the corner, and I’m going to try to keep everybody updated with little posts here and there.


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