Report 5/19/14

Henry’s Fork Fly Fishing Report – May 18th, 2014
by Chris “Grizz” Andelin, TroutHunter

“Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun” ~ John Lennon

The early season trout health on the Henry’s Fork is outstanding and all signs point toward a champion season of big fish…and a lot of them. Watch for things to really bust loose over the next few weeks with Salmonfly excitement and ever improving dry fly action. The fishing is fine, so get here soon for some of the most stimulating angling of the year!

BOX CANYON: Flows out of Island Park reservoir have simmered down to a comfortable level of 600cfs. The big stonefly nymphs are migrating towards the waters edge in preparation for their yearly emergence. A rubberleg nymph fished deep will bring steady results. Mix up the dropper attachment with a flashy bead-head, SJW or caddis pupa to bring more fish to the net. In the lower reaches of the canyon, watch for trout rising to caddis, March Browns and Blue Winged Olives. Deliver streamer patterns early, late or when the skies turn a little gray.

LAST CHANCE: Caddis and March Browns are the preferred fare here in Last Chance. The BWOs have slowed a bit, but will still be a viable option over the next few weeks. Be sure to have some ants and beetles as well, because the land dwelling bugs are already hitting the water.

WARM RIVER TO ASHTON: The big bugs are starting to hatch. Throw big furry foam stuff at the banks and hold on. Add a rubberleg dropper to really clean up. We’re still seeing good caddis, March Brown and BWO activity as well. Nymph the deeper water with a BH zebra, PT or caddis pupa. The larger fish will respond well to streamers fished  tight to the edge.

LOWER RIVER: Streamers and nymphs continue to be the name of the game here, but watch for the Salmonfly hatch to get going any day. The nymphs are stacked up tight on the banks waiting to crawl out and fly. There are plenty of March Browns and caddis to keep the dry fly rod busy and as always, be sure to bring along the streamers to target the those lower river hogs.

THE LAKES: IP, Hebgen, Quake and Henry’s Lake are all free of ice. Hebgen is fishing well with single midge dries or dropping small bead-head midge patterns under an indicator or fluffy dry. Strip leeches and buggers slow and deep. Henry’s looks to be in fine shape for the opener…..more to come on that next week.

THE MADISON: Reports from opening day were positive. The water is up, but still fairly clear. Fish the deep edge water with a mix of rubber-legs, bead-heads and streamers.

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