Report 5/2/24

Things have changed a lot since my last report. The Rainbow spawn has wrapped up for the most part, and if you haven’t already heard, the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch is here! This is one of my favorite hatches. I checked the river on Monday and remembered to throw in my gear, thanks to my wife. I knew it was my lucky day when I had caddis bouncing off the windshield a half mile from the river! It was an evening to remember, the kind of night you read about. Caddis by the thousands, and it seemed like every fish in the river was up. There were so many caddis on the water that I couldn’t tell mine from the the real deal. Fish were not picky; every nose I cast to resulted in coming tight. Oddly enough, nobody was around, and the hatch was still going strong when I left. The following two days were much the same. The flows have come up significantly, and the weather may slow the caddis down a little, but I would still have a look. Watch for blue wings and March browns, and don’t be afraid to do a little streamer fishing.

Box Canyon

The boat ramp is still a no-go in the box, but the Last Chance ramp is open. A few guys have dragged rafts down, but flows have come up significantly, and reports from Box Canyon have been on the slow side. Current flows in the Box are 1000 cfs and will likely fluctuate with inflow. I would not be afraid to go on a streamer run in the box, and you may even find some fish up sipping blue wings in the usual spots. Small bead heads and rubber legs will work, but all in all, the fishing in the box may be a little on the tough side.

Warm River to Ashton

Plan on seeing high and off-colored water in the section. I would not let that slow you down. The caddis are plentiful; if you watch, you will see fish eating on the bank. Flows will most likely continue to climb due to the snow melting. The rainy season is upon us. I would also look for March Brown and Blue Wings in the section, and a streamer run is a great idea. What streamer, you ask? The pattern is not as important as the color. I love to fish Zonkers and have all the colors they come in. Keep changing colors until you get a response. The bobber game has mostly stayed the same; rubber legs and tiny beads will do the trick. I would expect flows to fluctuate as filling the reservoir is a priority.

Ashton to St. Anthony

This section has been great. There are plenty of bugs around, and the weather is the key. This week. It looks to be on the cooler side; that’s good news, as it will keep the snow in the mountains a little longer. If you plan to be out this week, have some layers. Check your fly box and make sure it’s fully stocked with the patterns I have mentioned above. Hemmingway caddis, no hackles and last chance cripples will do just fine. As I have already mentioned, don’t hesitate to run some streamers. I don’t have anything new to report in the Nymph game. Rubber Legs and small beads should turn some heads. Don’t be afraid to lose the bobber; try tight line nymphing on a bank.

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