Report 6/11/15

“The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” ~ David Bowie

What a wonderful time to be alive, well and frolicking on the banks of the Henry’s Fork. Look in any direction and you’re almost overwhelmed with natural magnificence. Add in strong daily mayfly and caddis hatches and a fisherman may well think he’s died and gone to heaven. With friends’ old and new showing up for their seasonal fix, the caldera is abuzz with the kindest of energy. From green drakes on the lower river to the first strong PMD’s showing in Last Chance, it truly is a dream come true for avid dry fly anglers. Everything looks right in line for a stellar Ranch opener with great live music at the TroutHunter to the promise of opening day green drakes, PMD’s, caddis and trusty rusty spinners. Come one and all, these truly are the days! Here’s what to expect out on the Fork…

BOX CANYON: Good news kids, they bumped up those Box canyon flows to a more comfortable level of 720cfs. This is an ideal floating flow. There are still a few pteronarcys californica crawling around and the golden stones are hot on their heels. The PMD’s and caddis are thick at times and the dry fly fishing on the upper and lower end of the canyon is superb. Nymphing is great with rubber legs and small bead head PMD nymphs. Pull streamers around for the shot at a big boy. Keep your eyes peeled for green drakes, they’ll show any day now.

LAST CHANCE AND THE WOOD ROAD: PMD and caddis activity continues to afford anglers the premium dry fly experience and morning and evening spinner falls are gaining strength. Look for those juicy green drakes to make an appearance any day now. Smallish black terrestrial patterns are getting it done as well.

WARM RIVER TO ASHTON: Green drakes, PMD’s, Caddis, little yellow sallies, golden stones, cicadas and smaller terrestrial bugs are all taking trout. Add a weighted stonefly or bead head nymph to increase your odds. Big streamers are always a safe bet and offer the chance at trophy caliber trouts. 

LOWER RIVER: The lower is currently a big bowl of bug soup full of golden stones, green drakes, PMD’s, caddis and great daily spinner falls. As with previously mentioned stretches, adding a dropper might just turn the trick ion a tough fish. Still a great time of year to pull big streamers around. 

HENRY’S LAKE: Still no “great” reports coming from the lake, but fish are being caught. Come equipped with buggers, leeches, midges and a good selection of still water nymphs. 


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