Report 6/16/14

All of the old friendly faces have shown up the festive energy is off the charts. The favored and famed Harriman Ranch stretch of the Henry’s Fork has opened for another season. Yessir, boys and girls, these are high times here in Island Park and it’s stacking up to be another banner year of big fish and good times. The Ranch opener brought mixed results, but most anglers found good willing trout throughout the day. We’re seeing good numbers of caddis, PMD’s, and even a few Green Drakes. The next week will most certainly provide anglers with with plenty of solid opportunities; here’s what to expect.

BOX CANYON: 450cfs. It’s still a pretty boney float down through the canyon, but the wading options are ideal. Golden Stones are the name of the game on top and nymph fishing with a rubberleg and smaller bead head dropper always works. Focus your selection on caddis, PMD, and Green Drake nymph imitations for the dropper. Strip streamers around on the those cloudy days or when the skies turn a little grey.

LAST CHANCE / HARRIMAN: Juicy daily hatches of PMD’s and caddis are bringing good trout up to the surface. We’re starting to see strong spinner activity as well. Be sure to have some ants and beetles along too; they can really save the day. We should see the Green Drakes start to hatch in fishable numbers within the next week, so get ready.

WR-A: Green Drakes, caddis, PMD’s, Golden Stones and terrestrials. This stretch has really been fishing well and will continue to do so. Nymphing here is a sure fire way to hook plenty of fish. Try rubberleg to small bead head dropper rigs. Pack them streamers along too, because there are some big trout here that like chasing big flies.

LOWER RIVER: The lower river is currently on fire below. The Green Drakes are in full swing and the PMD’s, Grey Drakes, Golden Stones are out as well. Caddis and spinner activity are offering excellent morning and evening action. The dry fly game right now is about as good as it gets, but have a few nymphs to drop on a picky fish. Streamers are always a safe bet down here, so bring those along as well.

HENRY’S LAKE: The fish have moved from the shallow boat ramp areas and have dispersed throughout the lake. Focus efforts in deeper water and around the springs. Strip bugger, leech and stillwater nymph patterns or hang chironomid patterns under a fluffy high floating dry or indicator.


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