Report 6/16/24

The Rail Road Ranch is open for business. Unfortunately, I do not have a substantial report. A slight morning breeze turned into typhoon winds with gusts up to 50mph and blew any hatching bugs into West Yellowstone, Montana! A few brave souls ventured forward despite the wind and, upon return, had very little good to say. I am confident that will change shortly. The flows will come up, the wind will settle down, and it will be business as usual. I like to check behind the shop during the day and when the wind is not howling. The bug activity is impressive! There are good numbers of caddis and March browns. On the right day, there are a few heads.

The lower river is starting to fish. Goldenstones, Green Drakes, and Flavs. You will also find PMDs down there. The weather has been the most significant factor. It’s been a crazy windy spring. I also believe dry fly fishing will improve throughout the river when the water rises. You should have a good selection of Last Chance Cripples in your fly box. Make sure to have size 10 for the green drakes and 14s for the Flavs. Rusty spinners in size 16 and flav spinners in size 14 are critical. I think it’s a good idea to have life cycle boxes. Have nymphs, emergers, cripples, duns, and spinners for all the mayflies you encounter on the river.

It has been a busy week in Last Chance. Friends of Harriman had a successful event here at TroutHunter. The food was excellent, the house band rocked, and some great prizes were raffled. On Saturday night, the Henrys Fork Foundation had a great party. All these events are held to benefit the Henry’s Fork watershed. It blows my mind to see how many people care about this river. I don’t think any organization will make everybody happy, but I am thankful for the foundation and their work.