Report 6/21/16


The famous and much revered waters of the Railroad Ranch are now open for business. The huge rainbows that haunt this beautiful stretch of water are ready to serve even the most seasoned anglers a hard lesson in humility. The hatches are strong, the weather is fine and we’re looking straight down the barrel of another great summer of thick fish and happy faces. It’s already proved itself this year as a top shelf fishery with some true beasts brought to hand and net. The Ranch opener party at the ‘ol TroutHunter went off without a hitch as old friends and new alike enjoyed a wonderful roasted hog, then danced the night away to the sweet songs from a Band of Drifters. The entire drainage is alive and kicking with excellent hatches and aggressive trout. No doubt these are some of the best days to be poking around the Henry’s Fork with the long rod. Here’s what’s shakin’ loose out there in trout town.

BOX CANYON: 865 cfs. They finally boosted the flows in the Box up to a more comfortable fishing and floating level. There are a few golden stones around, and on the right day the trout will go absolutely berserker for them. Focus your efforts below the surface with smaller beadhead nymphs in the #14 – #18 size range and the ‘ol reliable rubberleg will often find itself stuck to some trout faces as well. Dusk and dawn patrol streamer runs are a great way to stick a fatty and pulling the meat around on a cloudy day is a safe bet for success. Watch for good trout to be up on caddis, pmds, rusty spinners and green drakes through the last 1/2 mile of the float.

THE LC AND RAILROAD RANCH: PMD’s are the hot item right now with the green and brown  drakes just starting to pop off. There’s plenty of caddis and spinner activity as well. Timing is key and it will pay off to stay on the water through most of the day and in to the evening hours as the magic can happen at any moment. Have a handful of black ants and beetles in the arsenal if ya go, these patterns will most often turn the trick on stubborn insubordinate trout.

WARM RIVER TO ASHTON: WOW! If you plan to fish this stretch, bring everything including the kitchen sink. There’s Caddis, pmds, green drakes, yellow sallies, bwo’s, golden stones, cicadas, ants, beetles and the nymphing has just been absolutely gluttonous. If you choose to nymph, caddis and mayfly bead head patterns in the #14 – #18 range have been working well.   Mix things up with a streamer on occasion to lure in those trophy class browns that call this stretch home.

LOWER HENRY’S FORK: Green drakes are the big draw here with pmds, caddis, flavs and golden stones filling out the menu. This is another section that pays if you bye your time and spend a good portion of the day on the water as the hatches have been a little inconsistent in their timing. Bring the streamers along as well, it has been stupid good in between peak dry fly hours. Be sure to have a fair selection of olive and rusty spinners on hand for those persnickety trout in the back-waters.

THE LAKES: Standard still water patterns such as wooly buggers, leeches, damselfly nymphs and chironomids will entice strikes on the area lakes. There’s been some solid midge fishing on Hebgen and keep your eyes open for good fish cruising the shallows in search of terrestrials. Caddis and callibaetis activity isn’t far off now.

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