Report 6/27/16

Welcome spikes from IP dam, combined with bone cleaning winds, will keep the fishing challenging, as it typically will be, considering.  With the right eyes and an open agenda, good trout will, and do, fall victim to our tricks. The 10 day forecast calls for far less wind, much warmer days and copacetic mobs of hungry fish. Each section fishing differently than the other. Consult pro direction, approach and application before departure. It’s certainly fisherman’s choice right now – chances at good trout are many. Take advantage and smile wide. The trout are hot right now, jumpin’ all over the place, keep your line taught and take control. It only gets better from here kids, come now to see everything the super volcano has to offer, because when it’s hot it’s pretty damn good. Here’s what may happen from day to day. Enjoy.

Box Canyon reach of the Henry’s Fork: Our little shallow turn of the river has once again been flushed with goodness and the higher flows of late have proved fruitful. Box canyon trout favor a well presented bead head nymph most days, but never rule out driving a big golden stonefly fight down the feeding lane when the naturals drop. Higher flows will often release a surge in a big foam and the big foam can hang some heavy beads. Win win. Hot.

LC and Harriman playground: Caddis. Green Drakes. Brown Drakes. pmd’s: Spinners #18 – #10. Green, grey, rust and olive. Maybe yellow. Small interstellar looking dark terrestrials and odd ball shit. It’s busy out there – respect your neighbors, water and fish. Walk around a little and find a new rainbow. Flavalicious days and spinner choked nights are upon us, get it while it’s good, because when it is, it’s red hot!.

Riverside to jump off canyon: Good fishing will be found here. Caddis patterns, on a short leash behind a golden stone or cicada, may draw attention. Double deep dangerous nymph rigs are deadly. Mix it up and find a winner, then it’s game on. Single dry prospecting sessions can bring a good one and streamers rock when fishing gets weird. The runs below lower Mesa are primed for the sportiest fishing of the season. Consider early or late fishing through the entire stretch. It gets really hot mid day.

Ashton dam down stream: Wow! If you’re lucky enough to find time, experience this section. Sun clouding spinner falls, great pmd hatches, a few green drake holdovers and the golden stone thing continues to stab big healthy browns and rainbows. Dial that cast in and floss all likely looking structure. Drag a streamer for few minutes between hatches and off hours. A hatch specific nymph will often trick those stubborn big comeback fish. Flavs. Smokin’ hot.

Lakes: Focus your trout fishing around the springs and deep pockets on Henry’s > Hebgen and quake are warming up and the fish are getting hungry. Good callibaetis, caddis and terrestrial activity will really get these fish stupid for a well presented insect imitation.  Prime time is just around the corner, consider these haunts to get sparks really flying ’round the fourth day of July. Sizzling hot. America.

Madison: Salmonflies. pmd’s: Caddis. Infrequent friendly flier miles. Proven nymph patterns and the bling’d out streamers. This one’s hot too. Fry an egg hot.

The bar & grill is cooking and the food’s always hot. Open late till the drakes fade. The fly shop team will always pick the hottest flies, and the friendly faces are endless. C’mon now, get here!


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