Report 7/21/24

Short and sweet this week as not much has changed fishing-wise in the area the last week. Flows are still high out of the Box Canyon and temperatures are quite warm with highs in the mid 80s all week. We are hoping for irrigation demand to decrease in the coming weeks, but no promises as we are not expected to get any substantial rain for the foreseeable future. Blar! Wish I had some positive crystal ball forecasts, but I don’t expect much to change in the next week or so. There have been rumblings of reduction in flow soon, but who knows – just being honest. That said, there are pockets of decent fishing throughout the system.

Box Canyon (1640 cfs out of IP dam, add another 200 below the Buffalo River) – She’s still rippin’ but clarity remains quite good. The boys are still having good success on float trips running Golden Stones, Chubbies, and some Gray Drakes, or dry-dropping said bugs with Perdigons, Daggers, PTs, Zebra Midges, etc. It’s going to be a very busy weekend up here in Island Park; please be safe when floating and wading.

Last Chance and Harriman –  We are still finding some rising fish early and late, particularly Middle Ranch down through Pinehaven. I had a good window two mornings ago during some PMDs and spinners and got a nice one a #14 Rusty Spinner after an eight fly change. Haaaaa. There are some small ants around but haven’t seen/heard about any Honey Ants quite yet, but I would definitely have a few in the box. Have all stages of PMDs #16-20, Flavs #14-16, Tricos #18-22, Callibaetis #16, and there are still some Green Drakes around (who knew?). Terrestrial season is just getting cranking. Start small on your Hopper selection. Just be patient out there. Be on the water early and wait it out. There have been mornings when the fish are up early and other days things didn’t get going until lunchtime.

Warm River – Always a good bet this time of year as temperatures start to climb. We’ve had several trips running this stretch with good success using dry-dropper rigs. Try a Golden Stone, Chubby, or Hopper up top and standard smaller beads underneath. Double-nymph set-ups will work just fine, too. Also have your PMDs, Caddis, and a variety of small attractor dry fly patterns.

Below Ashton (2560 cfs below Ashton, 1190 cfs at St Anthony) – With water temps topping out in the low 70s, it’s just best to leave the lower river alone until we get some much cooler weather.

Madison River (about 1300 cfs out of Hebgen, 1590 at Cameron) – The big bugs are all but gone, but there are still Golden Stones around in addition to PMDs and Caddis and decent spinner falls early and late. Terrestrial fishing is starting to heat up. Pay attention to water temps; The Maddy is starting to push the upper 60s in the afternoons. Land ‘em quick and give ‘em some love if needed.

Henry’s Lake – It’s getting to be time to target the creek mouths and springs. Have an assortment of Leeches, Scuds, Chironomids, Renegades, and Damsels. I’d be out there early before the sun gets too high and bright.

Hebgen Lake –  The Gulpers are doing their thing. Have all stages of Callibaetis in the quiver. There are Tricos, Caddis, Damsels, and Terrestrials as well. Targeting the gulpers is about as much fun as you can have with a fly rod.

Yellowstone NP – Probably your best option(s) right now if I’m being honest. The Yellowstone, Gallatin, Lamar, and Soda Butte, while crowded, are offering up some consistent dry fishing. Have Golden Stones, Chubbies, Terrestrials and the usual array of PMDs, Green Drakes, and Caddis. 

Stop in and say hello. We are here from 7am to 8pm daily. We are in the process of revamping some of the website. Here is a useful link for flow info and water clarity if you haven’t already bookmarked it. Stay cool out there wherever you are. 



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