Report 7/28/14

The dog days of summer have arrived in true fashion and it seems the summer season is on “cruise control”. The fishing remains exceptional both early and late in day, with many options for both environ and trout species. Hot and breezy mid day lolls demand a flexible itinerary in order to find success in your day to day fishing. The area lakes are becoming a more viable opportunity to target lean and selective surface feeders or target behemoths from the depths. In addition, the smaller tributaries and creeks in the area are in fine shape and offer an alternative venue from the more populated river corridors. So, in a nut shell, there is a remedy to cure the desires of most any fly angler. So get here soon to enjoy all the Henry’s Fork and her surrounding waters have to offer during these dog days of summer. Here’s what’s crackin’ out in our little corner of paradise.

BOX CANYON: Flows are steady at around 1,250cfs. These flows are awesome for a float through the ‘ol Box. The walk wading is a little tough, but can still be done with sure footing. Golden stones are still out and about, as well as caddis, PMD’s, flavs and a spattering of grey drakes. Nymphing rubberlegs trailed by small bead head patterns continues to put good numbers of fish in the net and early morning and evening streamer sessions have been productive. On the lower end of the canyon, keep your eyes open for trout sipping PMD’s, flavs and spinners.

LAST CHANCE & THE HARRIMAN RANCH: PMD’s, flavs, trico and callibaetis emergences have been keeping the robust trout of the ranch water happy, sassy and well fed. Fishing has been better both earlier and then later in the day, but with due diligence, anglers can find feeding trout throughout the entire day. Hoppers, ants and beetles are an important part of the arsenal this time of year, so be sure to have a good selection of those with you. Morning and evening spinner falls have been providing fisherman with plenty of good targets.

WARM RIVER TO ASHTON: This stretch continues to fish well with PMD, flav, caddis, callibaetis and terrestrial patterns. The hooper-dropper approach is a fun and sure fire way to wrangle a few fish on this section and double bead head nymph rigs are the standard fair here from day to day. Pulling streamers around early, late and during low light conditions can bring those big alpha trout out to play.

LOWER RIVER: You’re better off leaving this section alone until we see cooler water temps. If you must, fish it early and late in the day and target the trout with hoppers and streamers.

THE LAKES: Henry’s Lake is beginning to fish better around the springs and creek mouths. The Hebgen gulper game continues to improve as well, look for good numbers of callibaetis spinners early in the day until around one or two…or until the wind blows you off. Wind protected bays can provide ample opportunity to hook cruising trout on terrestrial patterns during the hot afternoon hours.

THE MADISON: Golden stones, caddis, PMD’s and terrestrials are the name of the game over on the Madison. Dropping a bead head nymph will only increase your odds. Deep nymphing with rubberlegs coupled up with a smaller bead head is a day to day staple approach and those big Madison bows and browns really go bonkers for large streamer patterns.

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