Report 8/1/15

The heat wave is over, the high flows have passed and the Henry’s Fork is once again primed and ready for your angling pleasure. A dramatic reduction in flows has triggered impressive hatches and more impressive spinner falls. Honey ants have even been popping up here and there and this hatch will only intensify over the next few weeks. Those tasty little callibaetis mayflies are taking flight and the terrestrial option is better than ever, with big juicy hoppers, beetles and ants errantly finding their way on to the waters surface. Add to that a lengthy PMD emergence throughout the middle of the day and strong evening caddis and a fisherman can stay entertained till the cows come home. It’s damn fine fishing right now so get up on the Fork to see just how fine it is. Here’s the low down on what’s poppin’ out there.

BOX CANYON: 930cfs. Now that’s a great flow for both floating and fishing. Those fat Box Canyon rainbows are still responding well to properly placed golden stone. Hang a dropper for added pleasure. Double nymph rigs are the gold standard and rippin’ a streamer around will usually result in a hefty trout on the end of your line. Keep your eyes peeled for good trout rising to dry flies on the lower end of the float through the Last Chance flats.

THE HARRIMAN FARM WATER: Daily PMD hatches are keeping the trout and the trout fisherman busy. Watch for the PMD’s to get going mid-mornign and continuing through mid-afternoon. Honey ants are absolutely driving the trout nuts on certain stretches. The morning and evening spinner falls have been epical and the terrestrial day savers continue to save many a day. A bout of shitty weather, mid-day, can really get those flavs rollin’ and reward hearty anglers with good targets through the late afternoon hours. On certain nights, the caddis are piling up pretty thick.

CANYON SECTION TO ASHTON DAM: Cardiac canyon continues to offer adventurous anglers a sporty ride and fine fishing. Throw the big foam with a heavy bead head dropper or pull big gnarly streamers around in likely looking water. The stone bridge to Ashton section, or “old reliable” as the guides like to call it, is also fishing solid. Stone fly nymphs trailed by smaller techy bead head nymphs will get a lot of attention. Hopper dropper rigs are a good choice and the big browns that call this section home love to chase, and crush, large articulated streamers.  Have fun, be safe.

LOWER RIVER: 1,830cfs. Still a few good fish getting hooked on hoppers and streamer patterns, but for the most part, this stretch is winding down for the next little while. Watch for the lower sections to re-ignite as cooler autumn temps prompt better bug and trout activity.

HENRY’S LAKE: It’s not a numbers game on the lake, but reports are coming back of some rather hefty trout being brought to the net. Strip buggers, leeches or streamers or hang a couple of chironomids under an indicator or big foam dry. Damsel and dragonfly imitations are another viable option on ‘ol Henry’s lake.

HEBGEN GULPER GROUNDS: When the gulpers have been gulping, it has been really good. When gulpers aren’t gulpering, not so much. It’s been a tad spotty from day to day and inclement weather can really affect bug and trout activity. Have a strong selection of callibaetis life cycle patterns, tricos, caddis and terrestrial insect imitations. Strip leeches and buggers when surface activity is in a lull.

THE MIGHTY MADISON: She’s still fishing well with PMD’s, caddis and terrestrial patterns. The hopper dropper approach will take plenty of nice trout. There a few spruce moths buzzing around and the Madison fish go seriously berserker for these tasty little trout snacks. Pulling big streamers around will often result in the fish of the day, so be sure to pack the meat locker. The evening caddis game continues to supply anglers with lot’s of smiles.


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