Report 8/21/14

You’ll here no complaints here about our August weather or fishing conditions. These cool nights, coupled with almost daily rain fall, have kept the fish hungry, the dust down and our spirits high. The land born terrestrial insects are out in force and we’re seeing daily PMD, callibaetis, trico and spinner activity. This time of year also offers anglers the option of targeting the more robust and aggressive trout with big streamer patterns and the lakes continue to fish well through the remainder of the season. Here’s what’s happening on the ‘ol Fork.

BOX CANYON: The flows in Box Canyon have mellowed to a comfortable flow of 990cfs. Fish double nymph rigs consisting of a rubber leg up front trailed by a smaller bead head nymph. A big foam dry fly with a dropper is also productive. The streamer fishing has been incredible during low light conditions. Look for trout rising to caddis, ants and spinners through the lower reaches of this stretch.

LAST CHANCE AND HARRIMAN: We’re still seeing good honey ant activity. Look for them to hit the water mid morning and continue in to the afternoon hours. We’re also seeing good callibaetis and trico activity as well as strong spinner falls both early and late in the day. Have a good selection of terrestrial patterns to round out your ranch arsenal.

WARM RIVER TO ASHTON: This stretch remains productive with the hopper, dropper or thingamobobber approach. Fish double nymph rigs or add excitement to your angling by employing the hopper-dropper technique. Throwing big foam and hoppers solo at the banks will turn good fish and the streamer fishing continues to bring the big boys to the net. The evenings have been good with caddis and spinners patterns.

LOWER RIVER: Dangerously warm day time temps and heavy weed growth make this stretch a no-go until we see the cooler temps of autumn and fall. Stay tuned.

THE LAKES: Henry’s continues to improve, particularly around the cold springs and creek mouths. Present leeches, buggers, chironomids and still water nymphs for best results. the gulper fishing on Hebgen is still good and mid-day trout hunting with terrestrial patterns will turn plenty of good sized trout. Dropping a BH PT or midge pattern will increase your odds. There have good reports of spruce moths on both Hebgen and Quake lakes.

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