Report 9/23/14

In typical fashion, September continues to offer anglers some first-rate fishing opportunities. Mahoganies, baetis, tricos and an army of terrestrial insects maintain as the primary offerings on the trout’s menu. The forecast calls for cool nights and pleasant days, which will only prolong the hatches, keeping the trout hungry and the fisherman elated. The area landscape is aglow with color as the aspens turn from green – into bronze, amber and gold. Yessirry sports fans, fall on the fork is some of the best fishing and most stunning eye candy of the year. Here’s what to expect over the next week or so. 

BOX CANYON: The Box is running around 320 cfs. These lower flows really concentrate the fish into certain areas. Focus your attention on deeper runs and slots and offer the trout a mix of stonefly imitations trailed by small bead heads and attractor style nymphs. Another effective approach is to dead drift small streamer and leech patterns in deeper water. Give them a little twitch from time to time to entice fierce strikes. On the lower end of the canyon, look for good trout to be sipping mahoganies, baetis, tricos and assorted terrestrial patterns. 

THE RANCH: The Ranch is holding strong and giving forth fantastic dry fly fishing day in and day out. Mahoganies have been the hot ticket, but tricos, baetis and substantial  spinner falls have kept the trout looking up for a bite to eat. Terrestrials fill the void during mid day lolls and there are few things more appealing than watching a robust ranch rainbow suck down a burly hopper pattern. With these current lower flows, be sure to play the fish as fast as possible and release them with the utmost care. 

WARM RIVER TO ASHTON: A sure bet for any angler looking for a fine day of fishing. This time of year, the colors are absolutely magnificent and the angling prospects are many. Double nymph rigs are the norm and will most certainly get the job done, but the hooper dropper approach will add more excitement to your fishing. It’s streamer season, so don’t hesitate to strip patterns dressed up as juvenile trout and sculpin. 

LOWER RIVER: Rubber leg nymphs trailed by small bead heads are getting a lot of attention. Focus your presentations in deeper water and slots in the weed growth. There are plenty of terrestrials out and about so a hopper dropper rig is a good way to go. The trout in this section are becoming more aggressive toward streamer patterns. Strip and swing large articulated streamers through deeper water for the chance to rope a hog. 

THE LAKES: Henry’s is really starting to turn out some fine fishing. Standard bugger and leech patterns will certainly get it done, but anglers are taking some truly impressive trout on large articulated streamer patterns. Olive, black and white seem to be working best. Hanging a chironomid under an indicator or high floating dry fly is a very effective way to fool those big lake fish. On certain days, the trout will chase down mouse patterns. 

Stop by the fly shop to grab some flies, pick our brains about location or to score on some late season sale items. See you soon!