Report 9/9/14

There’s been no shortage of great fishing days as of late. Long time veterans, and newcomers alike, have reported some of the best trout activity to date. Our unusual cool weather this season have kept the bugs thick and the trout happy. This equates to banner days all across the board. The conditions look prime for more of the same, with cool night time temps and San Diego style days. September on the Henry’s Fork is truly a magical time indeed. Here’s what to expect over the next week or two.

BOX CANYON: The powers to be have reduced the flows from IP Res. to the skinny level of 400cfs. The canyon is still floatable, but be prepared to paint a few rocks. On a higher note, these flows make for easy gettin’ around for the walk/wade angler. Tiny technical double nymph rigs will ensure tight lines and the hopper dropper program only adds to the pleasure. The streamer fishing continues to bring solid fish to the net early and late in the day. The lower end of the canyon provides anglers with opportunities to tie into good trout rising to mayfly and terrestrial patterns.

THE RANCH: WOW! Mahoganies, PMD’s, BWO’s, caddis, callibaetis tricos and a smorgasbord of terrestrial insects. These are the days kids. Crowds have thinned and a dedicated angler can fish to active trout throughout the day. It’s a little weedy out there and most big trout will use this to their advantage. Plan accordingly to land fish in the quickest and most ethical manner possible.

WRASH: Otherwise known as the Warm River to Ashton stretch is a fantastic autumn option. A hopper dropper rig fished through promising water will yield fine results. Stonefly nymphs and small bead heads presented through the deeper water is a great approach as well. The big browns that call this section home are getting a little cantankerous as they gear up for their annual spawning ritual. They will most often fall victim to large articulated streamer patterns.

LOWER RIVER: Flows from Ashton res. are bouncing between 850-1170cfs. With these cooler temps, this stretch is once again a solid option. Terrestrials, baetis, mahoganies and caddis are on the menu and pulling streamers around will most certainly move those large alpha lower river hogs.

THE LAKES: Henry’s lake is getting better by the day. The brook trout are staging up to spawn around the creek mouths and the big cutts and hybrids are hot on their heels. Strip leeches and buggers or hang a chironomid under a high floating dry or indicator. Hebgen, in all its glory, continues to offer fine fishing with terrestrials, midges and some hold over callibaetis.

THE MADISON: Good fishing through the entire upper reaches on the Madison, Bring caddis, blue wings and a good selection of terrestrial patterns. Small bead heads are getting a lot of attention. Those big Madison browns and rainbows will eagerly attack robust streamer patterns dressed as juvenile trout and sculpin.

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