Report April 26, 2017

It’s late April and after a long winter we locals look forward to some nice spring weather and some of our favorite fishing of the entire year.  A weekend trip to Idaho Falls teased us with 70 degree temperatures, blue skies, green grass, blooming tulips and short skirts.  But, as is often the case at this time of year, this morning I woke up to gray skies and four to six inches of heavy wet snow.  Some of the guys from the shop packed up their gear and headed down to the valley hoping to get away from the snow.  Not me! The midges are out all over the place and I can see several good heads up out behind the shop.  Right now it looks like I’ll have the whole place all to myself.  Good luck boys!

Last Chance Area:  The Box Canyon continues to produce decent fishing with double nymph rigs.  We recommend a rubber leg (size 8) with a smaller beadhead (size 14 or 16) as a trailer.  One of our favorite combos at this time of year is a coffee and black rubber leg with a beadhead King Prince.  Be careful when trying to access the Box Canyon as it is a quagmire out there.  Stick to high and dry spots if you can find them. The river out behind the shop has produced some good dry fly fishing on those warmer overcast days when the midges and baetis are most active.

Warm River to Ashton:  This section of the river has been plagued with high and discolored water due to melting snow and recent rains.  However, the river is never completely blown out, if you don’t mind a little color to the water the fishing has been excellent.  Nymphs and dark colored streamers have produced best.  Caddis started to pop over the weekend producing some outstanding fishing with a dry/dropper rig.  Try your favorite adult caddis imitation and trail a caddis pupa below it.  We like an EZ or X Caddis adult with a Ram Caddis or Three Dollar Dip underneath.

Ashton Dam to Saint Anthony:  The Ora to Chester section of the river has been producing the most consistent fishing over the past couple of weeks.  There has been something for everyone:  dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Baetis, March Brown, midge, and caddis hatches have been tempting the dry fly enthusiast.  Nymphing has produced the most reliable results and streamers have produced fewer, but on average, larger fish.  We have had our best luck with olive colored streamers like olive Sculpinators, olive/black Screamers, olive Skullhead Zonkers, and yellow/brown Box Canyon Bunnies.  The water below Chester has been marginal due to runoff from the Fall River.

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