Report May 17, 2017

You know what they say! If you like/don’t like the Idaho weather just wait five minutes it will change.  After treating us to five days of beautiful Spring weather at the beginning of the month Mother Nature decided it was time to slip back into winter (almost).  The blue bird weather of early May had treated us to a few days of incredible caddis hatches, strong March Brown’s and active nymphs.  Then came the rain, snow, wind and cold.  This drastic change pretty much put an end to what had been some exciting fishing.  Inclement weather and rising water levels due to snow pack melt off changed our fishing prospects from outstanding to mediocre.  However, do not despair!  Hope springs eternal in the hearts and minds of all fly fishermen and the salmon flies are just around the corner.  With their arrival comes another shot at exciting fishing.

Box Canyon:  The “Box” has been producing some very good fishing for those few anglers who have been floating.  Nymphing with a rubber leg and a smaller beadhead trailer (#16/#18) has been the ticket for success.  Black, brown and coffee/black rubber legs (my favorite is still the coffee and black) with a brown Ram Caddis, black or brown Zebra Midge, Flashback  PT’s or Two Bit Hookers have been productive combinations.

Warm River to Ashton:  Fishing has been inconsistent in this section of the river due to high flows and discolored water.  We have had a few reports of decent days with double nymph rigs (rubber legs and beadheads) and streamers.  

Ashton to Chester:  This has been the most productive section of the river over the past few weeks. Flows are a bit higher than average for this time of year and the unsettled weather hasn’t helped.  Fishing has been fairly consistent with double nymph rigs.  Black, brown and coffee/black rubber legs with olive Dirty Birds, Tung Teasers, Hunchback’s and blue Copper John’s (these flies imitate a green drake nymph which are very prolific in this part of the river) have produced the best results.  We are anticipating the salmon fly hatch any day now.  The big nymphs are staged up along the banks just waiting for a warmer day or two to start their emergence.  A few of our guides floated the river yesterday and had looks at the adult salmon fly imitation, although the fish they did catch came on the rubber leg dropper.  

The fly shop is stocked up with the essentials and we are ready to roll.  The restaurant will be open for all meals starting the 19th.  Stop by when you are in the area.  We’ll keep the light on for ya! 


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