Report November 20, 2017

Things are starting to wind down up here in Last Chance but that’s not to say that it is over. We still have a few Blue Wings and Midges hatching and they are producing some decent dry fly opportunities for the few diehards who are in the area. Yesterday I geared up and walked out behind the shop and found several nice fish working a sparse midge hatch. I started out fishing 5X, quickly changed to 6X and finally 6.5X. I needed the finer tippet to get the desired presentation but when I hooked up it didn’t take long for those fish to separate me from my fly. I didn’t have much luck with my favorite midge pattern the Griffith Gnat. The hatch was pretty sparse so there weren’t any midge clusters forming. I had my best luck with one of Rene’s Hanging Midge patterns. The Ranch stays open to fishing through the month of November and the water behind the shop stays open throughout the year. If you get the urge come on up and enjoy some late season dry fly fishing with your only company being some ducks, geese, swans and a few Bald Eagles.
Box Canyon: We had a couple of guide trips through the Box this past week and the guides and their clients reported that the fishing was pretty good. Best results were achieved dead drifting a couple of smaller beadhead nymphs under an indicator. We suggest red, black or brown Zebra Midges, olive or brown Ram Caddis and red Two-Bit Hookers.
The Ranch: There are still a few Blue Wings hatching but the most consistent fishing has been with Midges. The window of opportunity seems to be from about one o’clock to five. If you decide to give it a try come prepared to fish size #20 and smaller flies.
Warm River to Ashton: We also had a few guide trips down on this section of the river last week and the fishing was very good. Dead drifting double nymph rigs under indicators produced the best results. We also had good fishing swinging streamers through some of the runs on the lower part of this section. At this time of year we like to swing smaller streamers, sizes #8 through #12.
Ashton and below: We have had reports of decent dry fly fishing with BWO’s and Midges. We also like to work smaller streamer patterns on this section of the river.


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