Spring Thaw

Fishing around the area over the past couple of weeks could be described as marginal at best. The reason is due to river/water and weather conditions. We have been in the middle of low to mid-level snow melt and spring rain showers. These events have caused water levels to rise, at times added a little color to the water and dropped water temperatures because of the melting snow and ice. These events have negatively affected both fish and fishermen.

Last Chance Area: There are quite a few midges hatching and you can find a fish here and there working adult and hatching midges but it has been a hit and miss situation. If you are into your trout spey fishing you might get out there and try swinging some leeches or small streamers.

Warm River to Ashton: There are a few places where you can access the river. There have been a few midges, BWO’s and Skwalas hatching providing some limited dry fly opportunities. Due to the unsettled water conditions the nymphing and streamer fishing has also been somewhat slow.

Ora to Chester: Midges, BWO’s and Skwalas hatching down here as well providing some limited top water opportunities. Streamer fishing has been the ticket on this section of the river but the action has been only decent.

We expect the fishing to improve over the next few days as the weather becomes more stable and most of the low to mid-level snow and ice melts off.