Tread Lightly

“Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt
Love is astir in the waters of the Henry’s Fork. Love of a more primitive nature that is. Yes indeed fishy friends, our resident rainbow trout are currently involved in their yearly spawning rite. The section of river that dissects Last Chance is riddled with deep depressions in the gravel; giant redds dug out by the powerful tails of dominant females. A fragile and necessary ritual to ensure a promising and healthy trout population. 
It’s quite a spectacle to observe our alpha class trout chasing each other about and jockeying for position in the wide skinny waters of Last Chance. As anglers, it is our responsibility to avoid any and all contact with spawning trout or their redds. The incubation period is just as critical, if not more so. It’s best to steer clear of clearly visible nests throughout late winter and spring. Tread lightly out there brothers and sisters, it will pay great dividends. 
There is no sport in fishing over actively spawning trout. The appeal for most in fly fishing is the challenge, as it should be. If you want easy and gluttonous fishing, head on down to the local fish farm or kiddy pond and 

wrangle a hundred brain dead pellet heads. The magnificent beauty of these fish demand respect during this crucial time in their development. Please act accordingly.
This river’s allure was born of tradition and the deserved legend that surrounds it. The current health of the Henry’s Fork was achieved through fundamental principles of protection and preservation. As sportsmen, not only should we be stewards of the river’s riparian corridor, flora and fauna; we should also protect its strong ethical tradition.