Year: 2014

  • For Love of a River

    For Love of a River

    As a younger man, the thought of more than a few days away from fishing could bring on a state of self-pity based on deprival. This would invariably happen in December when seasonal closings or frigid conditions began to restrict opportunity for pursuing trout on the Henry’s Fork. Although…

  • Bottom of the Arc

    Bottom of the Arc

    Shortly before leaving for St. Anthony and the lower Henry’s Fork where Bonnie and I spend half the year, I chatted with Rich and Jon over coffee at TroutHunter. It was a cold morning in late October and our conversation centered on the end of the primary fishing season and how quickly it has…

  • 2014 Late Summer / Early Fall Ranch Recap

    2014 Late Summer / Early Fall Ranch Recap

    In this report I address experiences I had guiding and fishing on the Ranch during the last week of August and the first two weeks of September. Until the period between 27 August and 14 September, Ranch fishing had been sub-par. We had good fishing—particularly with Flavs in the early summer,…

  • Report 10/6/14

    Report 10/6/14

    It sure has been nice around these parts. We’re in the middle of an indian summer as of this writing, and hopefully it is not the last of the good-good weather. With old man winter’s arrival now imminent, fishermen are scurrying to get in some of the last fair weather angling of the season….

  • Low Water and Light Lines

    Low Water and Light Lines

    Like the weather, a river is changed by the seasons. In October the Henry’s Fork flows are at about 25% of peak summer levels and the resulting changes in the fishery are multiple. This essentially applies to the slow water sections beginning at Last Chance Run and extending through Harriman…

  • Report 10/1/14

    Report 10/1/14

    Fall is undoubtedly in the air here in Henry’s Fork country. This past week has been a little soggy, but the wet weather has really accelerated the BWO hatches. Prolific daily hatches are coating the rivers surface with these little olive morsels and the trout are definitely taking notice….

  • Report 9/23/14

    In typical fashion, September continues to offer anglers some first-rate fishing opportunities. Mahoganies, baetis, tricos and an army of terrestrial insects maintain as the primary offerings on the trout’s menu. The forecast calls for cool nights and pleasant days, which will only prolong…

  • Report 9/16/14

    Report 9/16/14

    The summer season continues to wind down and the fishing remains strong. Tricos, BWO’s and mahoganies are the prominent hatches now and the terrestrials are still out in force. The brown and brook trout are gearing up for the their fall spawning ritual, which equates to some great streamer and…

  • Report 9/9/14

    Report 9/9/14

    There’s been no shortage of great fishing days as of late. Long time veterans, and newcomers alike, have reported some of the best trout activity to date. Our unusual cool weather this season have kept the bugs thick and the trout happy. This equates to banner days all across the board. The…

  • Report 9/2/14

    Report 9/2/14

    Autumn on the Fork is a wonderful time indeed. The days grow shorter, the air has a certain bracing feel, and the trout are fat and happy from a seasons worth of robust hatches. This is a magical time for the fly angler, full of eager trout and ample opportunities. It is also bittersweet just…