Year: 2015

  • Reflection


    Words by Ren Harrop. Photos by Bonnie Harrop. The abundance of conditions favorable to winter sports has a profound impact on the culture of the Henry’s Fork community. Deep snow, frigid temperatures, and ice bound waters are actually welcome features for many residents who look forward to…

  • The Gospel According to Whitefish Eddie

    The Gospel According to Whitefish Eddie

    The Gospel According to Whitefish Eddie: The Henry’s Fork’s most literally colorful character has a method to his presumed madness. By Jim Dean You can spot Eddie Dunn a long way on the river, certainly far enough to avoid him, which is the typical reaction for most fly fishermen who…

  • Choices


    Words by Ren Harrop. Photos by Bonnie Harrop. Modeling by Trico Harrop. There comes a time in each year when it can seem that the population of Last Chance, Idaho is comprised equally of humans and Labrador Retrievers. Sharing sunrise over decoys on a crisp morning with a faithful companion…

  • Report 9/23/15

    Report 9/23/15

    BOX CANYON: Flows in the Box are currently 218cfs. The nymph fishing through the canyon has been solid and with these flows this is an excellent time to do some rare wading in the Box this time of year. Small rubberleg patterns with small bead head nymphs off the back will assure some hook…

  • September


    Words by Ren Harrop. Photos by Bonnie Harrop. In the upper reaches of Henry’s Fork country, September can seem as a season unto itself. This is especially apparent within the mountain community of Last Chance, Idaho where cultural rhythms bend almost instantly to a 30 day period when various…

  • Report 8/27/15

    This weeks forecast looks more like what we expect this time of year, and as we warm up. Look for the honey ants and other terrestrial insects to show in force. All of the upper stretches of the Henry’s Fork are fishing well and will continue to do so as we move through the end…

  • Report 8/18/15

    Report 8/18/15

    Regional fires have put a constant haze in the air, but small bursts of cool air have kept the fishing good, for the most part. The smoke does make for some rather interesting and colorful sunsets. There are still a few Honey Ants hitting the water and the Callibaetis, PMD and other prominent…

  • Report 8/1/15

    Report 8/1/15

    The heat wave is over, the high flows have passed and the Henry’s Fork is once again primed and ready for your angling pleasure. A dramatic reduction in flows has triggered impressive hatches and more impressive spinner falls. Honey ants have even been popping up here and there and this hatch…

  • A Tough Time

    A Tough Time

    It is June 20, 2015 and there is joy in the community of Last Chance, Idaho. At the access on the north boundary of Harriman Ranch dozens of vehicles fill the large parking area before the giant, white tent that appears at this location each year at this time. They belong to a large gathering…

  • Report 7/20/15

    Report 7/20/15

    There will be an increase in flows from Island Park reservoir to approx. 1,800 – 2,000cfs beginning the morning of July 21st, for approx. 48 hours. After the flush to test the turbines at the newly erected power plant at Chester Dam, the flows will then be lowered to a level of approx….