Report 5/23/15

Our little chunk of Idaho paradise is in full bloom. The winter blanket has receded bringing the full spring thaw and subsequent explosion of life. The area is alive with an energy that can only be explained around late night round tables, in good company, with strong drink and warm food.  Friends and trout fishing connoisseurs alike, converge on the edges of the Henry’s Fork to agglutinate with people of the same kind disposition. Yes indeed sports fans, these are the days. If there’s one attested venue to arouse and reward a dedicated angler, it’s the Henry’s Fork in middle May. Better get while you can, because when it’s gone, it’s gone for good and can disappear with the blink of an eye. Here’s what’s busting loose around these parts.

BOX CANYON: The big bugs are out! Watch for big hungry trout to be feeding on Trout Flies, baetis, March brown and caddis life cycle patterns. During slower non hatch hours, rope up a big meaty streamer and fish it deep and slow. Those full bodied Box Canyon rainbows didn’t get that big eating rabbit food, they really enjoy a substantial meal. Fishing a double nymph rig brings sure success. Pair a rubber legged stone fly nymph with smaller bead headed Zebra midges, PT’s and caddis pupa imitations. Dry dropper is a fine choice.

LAST CHANCE PROVING GROUNDS: Good fun dry fly fishing with baetis, caddis and March browns. March brown and BWO spinners are showing up in the mid to late afternoon and the caddis hatch can keep a guy entertained well in to the evening hours. Smaller terrestrial pattern are getting their fair share of attention, so don’t forget to pack a few of those along for the ride.

WARM RIVER TO A TOWN: Salmon flies are the name of the game on this resilient stretch of water. If you see the big bugs crawling around and taking flight, its go time. Get those casts in tight to the bank for best results. When big trout are feeding off the edges, there’s a big difference between one inch and one foot, they like ‘em as close as you can get ‘em. Add a big rubber leg below a fluffy dry to increase hook ups and you may as well pack along the streamer box to mix things up and keep it fresh.

LOWER RIVER: Complete and utter Salmon Fly madness. Timing can be an issue when those gluttonous lower river trout gorge themselves, but once they digest, it’s game on again and they will feed with reckless vigor and abandon. Deliver those big fuzzy dry flies in tight to the edge and hold on! If you start feeling a little crafty, add a bead head or stonefly nymph dropper to add to the excitement. Dusk and dawn patrol missions demand the throwing of large articulated streamer patterns and a chance at one of those lower river alligators. The golden stoneflies are already starting to crawl and there’s still plenty of caddis, baetis and March browns filling in the gaps with nice solid spinner falls throughout the day.

THE MADISON: A lot of good reports filtered back from opening weekend over on the Madison. There were great March brown hatches, baetis and fishing the edges with big weighted attractor nymphs and rubber legs resulted in many fat trout in the nets. The streamer fishing over there this time of year is about as good as it gets. Concentrate you efforts around deeper edges, mid river boulders and any soft fluffy pocket water.

HENRY’S LAKE: The lake should be primed and ready for a great opening weekend. Look for the trout to be concentrated in shallower water at all the usual hot spots. A line up of wooly buggers, streamers, leeches and still water nymphs will all turn the trick on these historically hungry fish.

Our bar and grill is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fly shop is bursting at the seams with all the hot new gear, tackle and clothing. Stop in for honest up-to-date hatch information and let us point you toward some awesome fishing options. See you soon!


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