Report 7/1/14

The fly fishing here on the ‘ol Fork has been nothing less than exceptional as of late. The PMD’s, green drakes, caddis, golden stones, flavs and brown drakes are keeping the trout, and the trout anglers, happy as all get out. It’s a virtual miscellany of food options, keeping the fish and fisherman lined up for the daily smorgasbord of tasty trout offerings. We’ve had really good rain storms this past week, providing ample moisture to  kick the wild flowers into full bloom…and keep the dust down at the same time. The weather and fishing forecast for the next week looks to be more of the same, which can only be described as AWESOME, so get your fishy self up here to take advantage of some of the finest angling and most spirited good times of the year.

BOX CANYON: The Box continues to run around 470cfs, but we’re expecting an increase in flows later this week. This low flow sure makes for a rocky float, but continues to offer the walk wading angler some easy getting around. On sunny days, the golden stones have been providing anglers with exciting dry fly opportunities. For the subsurface approach, fish double beadhead nymph rigs or try a dry dropper set up. Focus your selection on mayfly, caddis and stonefly life cycle imitations. Pull streamers around in low light conditions to entice those large alpha rainbows that call the Box home.

LAST CHANCE & RR RANCH: The hatches through the Ranch and Last Chance have been sporadic, but if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, the fishing has been extraordinary! The most reliable emergence has been the daily PMD hatch which has been kicking off around 11am and continuing intermittently throughout the day. Add to that green drakes, caddis, flavs and a nightly brown drake hatch and an angler can stay entertained from sun up to sun down right now. The PMD, flav and drake spinner falls are becoming more constant so don’t forget the spinner box.

WARM RIVER TO ASHTON: As usual, this section of the Henry’s Fork continues to provide excellent fishing. Consider throwing golden stones, caddis, PMD’s, green drakes and terrestrial offerings on the surface. Or fish a rubberleg to small bead head nymph rig to clean up on the fish below the surface. Don’t hesitate to chuck a big gnarly streamer in low light conditions, the big browns down here love to chase down the meat.

LOWER RIVER: PMD’s, green drakes, caddis, golden stones and flavs continue to bring fish to the surface on a regular basis. Watch for green drake and PMD spinners to be on the water early and late in the day as well. A beadhead dropper below your dry fly will only increase your odds…and hook ups. Green drake, caddis and PMD nymphs are the most productive currently, but a rubber-leg dropper can really turn the trick. And, as stated above, don’t forget the streamers, those big lower river trout most certainly have a strong appetite for juvenile trout and sculpin.

HENRY’S LAKE & IP RES.: Fish deeper water with standard still water nymph patterns, leeches and buggers. Hanging a chironomid or beadhead nymph under a high floating dry or indicator can be super productive at times.

THE MADISON: The Madison river is really starting to turn on. Nymph with rubberlegs and small beadhead droppers or look for fish to be rising to caddis, PMD and salmonfly dries. The salmonfly hatch is above Ennis and moving with a quickness so be ready for the chase. With the current forecast, it won’t take long before the hatch is swarming the upper river. Rip streamers early, late and during low light conditions.


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