Report 8/1/22

Hi all! Sorry I missed you last week, was down and out with Covid and not in the loop at all. But I’m back for another couple of weeks before I have to head to school. Booooo. We are in full on summer mode right now, but it looks like we are going to get some cooler weather roll in this week and maybe some showers. We could really use the rain as last week’s afternoon thunder boomers skirted around us. That said, it is very dry and Fremont County has issued a burn ban on all open fires (approved fire rings are okay). Flow from IP Reservoir is still just under 1500 cfs, and we should start seeing a gradual decrease as irrigation demand downriver begins to ease. This is good news for wading as well as good news for water clarity. It’s a little cloudy out back but not too bad at all and will only improve as draft decreases. The best fishing is definitely going to be mornings and evenings right now unless we get some clouds and weather.

Box Canyon (approx 1450 cfs): The Box has been quite good for our guides and anglers the last week or so. There have been some very big fish caught in the upper reaches as well as some good sight fishing coming out of the canyon. There are still good amounts of Gray Drake Spinners, Rusty Spinners, and Caddis as well as a trickle of Golden Stones. In the canyon, have your Rubberlegs and bead heads: Perdigons, Crack Backs, Zebra Midges, Tactical Jigs, etc.

Last Chance – Harriman State Park: The Ranch continues to perplex. There were PMDs at 2pm yesterday afternoon down around Bonefish and The Avenue. My buddy Jim got into some small Black Ants a few mornings ago. I’ve been out a few evenings this week, Covid permitting, and have found some fish eating Gray Drake and Rusty Spinners. In fact, the last few nights have seen very good spinner falls as well as Caddis. There are Tricos and Callibaetis around and will be bread and butter through the warm weeks ahead. It’s Terrestrial time out there, y’all. Still no reports of Honey Ants, but it could happen any day now.

Slide Area and Warm River to Ashton: The ol’ Hopper-Dropper game is in full swing. Some of the guys are still catching some nice fish on streamers as well. Look for PMDs and Caddis and Terrestrials.

Below Ashton (approx 2200 cfs @ Ashton, 1100 in St Anthony): Water temps are well into the low 70s by lunchtime. As before, it’s just not your best option right now, but there are some Hoppers around if you want to make an early run. Please fish responsibly.

Henry’s Lake: Fair at best. Find the springs. Leeches, Scuds, Chironomids, Renegades, Damsels, etc.

Madison River (975 cfs @ Hebgen, 1240 @ Kirby): It’s Terrestrial time up in Montana. Get those Hoppers in tight to the banks. Caddis, PMDs, and Epeorous hatches have been pretty consistent throughout the upper stretch. Please keep an eye on water temperatures, especially below The Old Kirby Place.

Hebgen Lake: There are some gulpers going and will only get better in the coming weeks. There are Tricos and Callibaetis and Caddis as well as Terrestrials out and about. I’m hoping to get up there on my next days off. The Gulper game is about as fun as it gets when they get going.

Yellowstone National Park: The upper Gallatin has been quite good for anglers looking for cold water. There are PMDs and Caddis and Terrestrials, and have an assortment of small attractor patterns. I was able to get into the upper Yellowstone before I got sick and had decent fishing. Grizz went back a few days later and had an epic day. The Yellowstone should remain steady as water levels continue to drop. As far as main rivers, these two will be your best options. We’ve had a couple of trips into Slough Creek below the campground and had some decent fishing, but it sounds like the flooding in June really scoured the river bottom and drastically altered the river’s course. The road to Slough opens August 3rd, but the road will remain closed beyond the turn off. Check out for more information on day passes from Tower to Slough.

Here’s a link to Idaho Teacup Reservoir Levels if you’re interested.

Stop in and say hello. We’re here from 7am to 8pm for up to the minute reports, some grub, or a cold beverage. Have a great week.


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