Report 8/9/22

Hi all. Hope you’ve had a great week and were able to get outside. Good news first: outflow from IP Reservoir has decreased from 1500 to about 800 cfs this week and will hopefully hold steady for a spell. Clarity has improved dramatically as well. It’s been very un-summery the last couple of days with cool temps and some much needed rain. However, my days off are coming up, so it will be hot and bright and windy. This is probably my last report before I take some time off and then head back to the classroom. I may get one or two more reports in but no promises. So, if not, thanks for reading and all the kind words, and I’ll see ya next summer!

Box Canyon (approx 900 cfs): The Box was a bit spotty last week with the major drop in flow, but things have settled the last couple of days. There are still some Golden Stones around in the afternoons and evenings as well as Caddis and Gray Drake Spinners. The best fishing is subsurface right now with the standard arsenal of nymphs and streamers. Have small zebra midges, perdigons, crack-backs, caddis pupa, etc. Keep an eye on flow from IP Reservoir if you’re planning on a float; it could start getting a little bony in the canyon for a hard boat.

Last Chance – Harriman State Park: It’s been pretty quiet around here this week. There have been some small windows of rising fish, but all in all it’s been tough sledding on the flat water. Some of the more consistent fishing has been in the evenings with Gray Drake (#12) and Rusty Spinners (#14-20) as well as Caddis (#16-20). Look for PMDs (#16-20), Tricos (#18-20), and Callibaetis (#14-16) early to mid-morning. We’ve seen a few Honey Ants around and the Hoppers are getting clicked up right now. This will hopefully improve the afternoon fishing. It’s starting to get a bit weedy, so make sure you’re taking your time and cleaning off hooks and gunk.

Slide Area and Warm River to Ashton: Hopper-Dropper is the name of the game on this scenic stretch of the Henry’s Fork. I wouldn’t hesitate to work a streamer through here as well.

Below Ashton (approx 1900 cfs @ Ashton, 1300 in St Anthony): We’ve had some cloud cover this past week which has helped with afternoon temperatures, but please be aware of high water temps. There are much better places to fish right now, but there are some Hoppers around.

Henry’s Lake: I’ve gotten a few fair reports the last couple of days. Not lights out but not totally dead. The best fishing is around the springs and creek mouths slow stripping Renegades and Mighty Mouse patterns. Have your Leeches, Scuds, Chironomids, Damsels, and other lake type flies.

Madison River (1290 cfs @ Hebgen, 1400 @ Kirby): Terrestrials will be the main course throughout the day. Also look out for PMDs and Caddis. A Hopper-Dropper set up is a good bet right now.

Hebgen Lake: Gulpers are starting to do their thing on Callibaetis and Tricos. Have some Caddis and Terrestrials also. Mosquitos are quite bad at the boat ramps, so be prepared for that.

Yellowstone National Park: It’s the time of year to hit the high country, and there’s no better place to explore than The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Throw a dart at a map and just go! The Yellowstone River continues to be a great option as well as the upper Gallatin.

Here’s a link to Idaho Teacup Reservoir Levels if you’re interested.

Stop in and say hello. We’re here from 7am to 7pm-ish for up to the minute reports. Enjoy the rest of your summer.